Porsche Macan Special

October special pricing on Porsche Macan

Why are so many luxury SUV owners switching to the Porsche Macan?

We've been asking our customers as they trade in their current vehicle in favor of the Macan. Here's what they said:

  • "It drives like a sports car."
  • "I feel SO safe in this car. Nothing is blocking my peripheral vision, and the car feels like it's watching out for me."
  • "It's a small, easy-to-handle SUV but it handles better than anything I've driven before."
  • "It's got the space I need and doesn't sacrifice performance."

The Macan is an inspired take on a sports car, and infuses the everyday with excitement. And, it's hard to distinguish the lines between sports car and SUV in this model. 

At Porsche of Albuquerque, we've got more than 25 Macans on the lot in a variety of configurations. We're sure we've got what you're looking for. Stop in and inquire about special pricing during the month of October.