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SUV Comparison

Are you trying to choose the right SUV for your family?

You might have increased the size of your household with kids or pets, but that doesn't mean you can't still drive a Porsche. Keep the sports car for your commute, solo drives or date nights, and the SUV you choose will handle the rest. Porsche SUVs offer similar seating and storage options as most mid-sized SUVs, and also come with state-of-the-art safety and technology features that are found in Porsche sports cars.

Starting at $47,500 MSRP, the Porsche Macan offers advanced versatility with Porsche design and performance for less than other luxury SUVs. The Porsche Cayenne comes with a base MSRP of $59,600, and makes your daily drive feel like a day at the track while delivering enough power to tow a boat.


How much interior space does a Porsche SUV have?

SUV Interior

Porsche sports cars are developed with a focus on drivability, and usually offer limited interior space to maximize performance. While the Porsche Cayenne and Macan have the same sports car DNA, they also offer enough room to allow a family to carry enough gear for a weekend trip or complete errands without having to worry if bags and kids will both fit in on the way back. Key interior design specs and details include:

  • Both SUVs provide comfortable seating for five adult passengers
  • Leather seating is standard with the Cayenne, while the Macan offers sueded microfiber seating surfaces
  • Both models come with four cup holders and four storage pockets
  • The Cayenne offers a maximum cargo capacity of 62.9 cu. ft., while the Macan can handle up to 53.0 cu. ft.
  • 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats are included with both models


Do Porsche SUVs offer advanced safety technology?

Absolutely. While Porsche is known throughout the world for advanced performance and handling, our engineers still maintain a focus on vehicle safety and stability. Protection and safety start with your brakes. The unique ceramic composite material used in Porsche brakes puts advanced stopping power under your left pedal. Key safety technology systems included with the Porsche Cayenne and Macan are as follows:

  • Porsche Stability Management system was developed to stabilize your SUV under hazardous road conditions. Sensors monitor conditions and instantly adjust when slippage is detected.
  • The Porsche Dynamic Light System is available for both SUVs and offers superior illumination with the aid of LED lighting and adjust light position depending on which way you’re turning.
  • Daytime Running Lights and LED taillights are standard on every Cayenne and Macan.
  • Ultra-high strength steel construction improves safety, while maintaining a lower weight in both the Macan and Cayenne.
  • All Porsche SUVs are equipped with full-size airbags for the driver and front passenger, while the Side Impact Protection System provides even greater protection.


Which infotainment options are included in the Porsche SUVs?


Whether you’re looking to stay in touch with your family or office, Porsche SUVs allow for both with the Porsche Communication Management system. The driver can control every key infotainment application of their Macan or Cayenne SUV. Pair your smartphone to the PCM system to stream audio, make hands-free calls, or connect to compatible apps through the high-resolution touch display. In addition to the PCM system, the new Porsche Cayenne and Macan are equipped with Porsche Connect and Connect Plus to provide the highest levels of connectivity. Available Porsche Connect and Connect Plus features include:

  • Porsche Connect comes with Apple CarPlay™ and gives drives access to voice control with Siri® and remote access to your vehicle.
  • Connect Plus comes with a built-in LTE module with a SIM card slot to provide a wireless access point. Wireless Internet access, advanced navigation, and infotainment options are also included.

Are you ready to see what the new Porsche SUV lineup has to offer your growing family? Visit us here at Porsche of Albuquerque, located at 8900 Pan American Freeway NE, call us at 505-821-4000 or email Dave Orso: